Chapter 9 (December 29, 1978)


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Photo credit: Eleanor
(Chapter 9, page 252)

I won the game of dominoes last night. We agreed on the Prize: The Victor gets to stay in bed. The Defeated must get up to feed the fire and make breakfast. However, Nature Calls ... and as the cold presses in: tension mounts. Every routine becomes an obstacle to overcome.

Photo credit: Eleanor
(Chapter 9, page 252)

The cold is inescapable. Layers of clothing, all night fire, bedding piled up... even with all of this, there is no rest or safe haven. Physically wrapped and tightly curled, only the mind can attempt to fly way.

But what direction will I go within my mind/labyrinth? I enter alone.

Photo credit: Daddy (Chapter 9, page 261)

Photo credit: Daddy
(Chapter 9, page 261)

Sifting through early childhood memories I find facts which are too much to understand mixed with tangled feelings and unanswered questions. My cousins came to stay with us. But why was my aunt in the hospital? And what do they mean when they say I am so much like her?


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