Chapter 10 (December 30, 1978)


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Photo credit: Eleanor
(Chapter 10, page 276)

Rhythmic trudging for two miles is the only sound in the silence. There is nothing really to say. Our tightly tucked in hats, hoods and scarves muffle our voices and block our ears. Risking frostbite, we must walk to get food.

Photo credit: Kevin
(Chapter 10, page 292)

What can we buy with one pay cheque? How long will it be until there is another one? Everything we bring home will be frozen solid by morning. And how will we keep the mice away from our supplies?

Photo credit: Kevin
(Chapter 10, page 298)

As the sky becomes dark, while I unpack the groceries, Kevin goes back outside. Pulling the little sled filled with blocks of firewood, he pays a high price for these extra resources. 


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