Chapter 8 (December 28, 1978)


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Photo credit: Eleanor
(Chapter 8, page 227)

5:15am December 28, 1978.

People who have finished reading 10 Days in December keep asking me, “Did you keep a journal?” and “How do you remember so many details from so long ago?”          Well, this day and hour and minute are forever preserved clearly in my memory... read on!

Photo credit: Eleanor
(Chapter 8, page 231)

No sound. No movement. Only the moonlight, ice and our minimal shelter. There is only one thing to do: dive back under our layers and wait for daylight.

Photo credit: Eleanor
(Chapter 8, page 232)

Layers (which feel like tissue paper) just can't seem to hold in enough body heat. Cotton long johns, wool pullover, cotton layer, green wool turtleneck, thick men's red wool sweater, plus wearing my parka in the house. Even with wool socks and my felt-pack boots and 3 layers of pants, struggling against the temperature was exhausting.


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