Chapter 6 (December 26, 1978)


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Photo credit: Fran McRae (Chapter 6, page 186)

Photo credit: Fran McRae
(Chapter 6, page 186)

Boxing Day, December 26, 1978. Before she left, I asked Fran to take my picture.... so that some day I could share it with YOU, Dear Reader. Sam, my trusty dog, is there. You can see the meager wood stack, new lumber door, slabs for the upstairs loft, and tar paper roofing.

Photo credit: Kevin
(Chapter 6, page 188)

"Mother's Finest" is engraved on Kevin's double bitted axe he ordered from Mother Earth News before we left Ontario. Cutting firewood together was a daily task since Kevin's efforts had been focused on finishing the cabin in such a short time. Cutting, carrying, splitting, stacking, burning... would we be able to keep up?

Photo credit: Daddy
(Chapter 6, page 191)

This photo was taken in the summer of 1979 after my kitchen was better equipped. The Moffat stove was a jem. The colourful tiles, shiny chrome, working thermostat, teapot warming shelf and other features are described in Chapter 3.                           

On December 26, I use the oven to bake for the first time.


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