Chapter 3 (December 23, 1978)


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August 26, 1978
photo credit: Fran McRae

(Chapter 3: page 93)

As I watched in amazement at the reality of it all, using his double-bitted axe, he felled the first huge cedar tree. The earth shook when it fell.

"It's a widow-maker," Kevin pointed out.

"What does that mean?" I asked, alarmed that the term 'widow' might have at the moment referred to me.

October 12, 1978
photo credit: Fran McRae

(Chapter 3, page 98)

Is it possible for one man to build a cabin in the 4 months before winter? Working alone, how could he manage to safely move and lift the logs in place? Golden sunny autumn days became chilly rainy days and nights.

What inner battles was he struggling with?
Why did he build with up-right logs?

December 26, 1978
photo credit: Fran McRae

(Chapter 3, page 107)

"Do you know one of the things I like best about our house?" I ask my heroic husband.

"I couldn't begin to guess," he replies, eyes meeting and curious.


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