Chapter 1 (December 21, 1978)


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photo credit: Daddy

Chapter 1, page 6

It's 1962. Oma has gathered most of her 8 children and 26 grandchildren to come to her home in New Jersey for a good-bye picnic. We will be leaving Pennsylvania to move to Colorado. At this time and place and for these people, that seemed like the Wild Wild West!

photo credit: Daddy

Chapter 1, page 7

Out of the densely populated east, across the wide open prairies, towards the purple mountain range and beloved Pikes Peak, our Ford station wagon pulled the U-Haul trailer. Mother and Daddy switched driving every 2 hours. We had a white cat named "Glinda," too. This picture shows Mother, little sister Julie and I (in yellow) walking up the driveway in Colorado. "Home at last!"

photo credit: Daddy

Chapter 1, page 11

In 1968 we moved to Florida. No mountains, winter, romping through our 50 acre property. We were allowed to watch TV because it was too hot to play outside. We went swimming almost every day in a nearby lake, or at the University pool, and even in the ocean on December 27. I was signed up for baton twirling lessons. This is the Santa Clause parade, December 2, 1968. What a different climate!



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